Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Bond

There is something that forms between teammates that no one can really understand completely. It is formed in-season during those grueling workouts or in those tough races but, it is seen whenever times get tough. For example, right before the last repeat, or right after a tough loss. It also helps in the summer during those long runs that no one wants to be one. To look at that person in the eye, you can just feel what they expect from you. The expectation? You may ask, "if they have such a close bond, why should there be expectations?" Really though, the answer is simple. When you have that bond you expect the person to stick with you. To suck it up on the days when they feel the weakest, and the surprising thing is that they do. And the reason for it? They know that you will do the same for them. It's amazing to see how strong these bonds can get and how they can make you react. I believe that there is no bond stronger than one formed between teammates, nothing, not even the word impossible can come and break it. Cause if a bond this strong believes that it can be done, then whatever is in the way better step aside, because believe me. It will get done.

Zac Wiemers
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